Vcomps Essentials

Mitch Stone Essentials

VCompS is a proprietary tropical cocktail of vitamins, minerals and papaya that delivers weightless control and glossy good looks, while nourishing the hair. It contains the following ingredients in a breakthrough blend that takes every day styling products to a whole new level.  Now with VcompS, your hair will be nourished  ALL day long with every spritz, squirt or drop!

Papaya Extract!- The Fountain of youth for your hair!

This powerful antioxidant, minimizes the impact of environment elements, and is rich in moisturizing essential fatty acids (EFA’s). These Extracts keep hair youthful and moisturized!  Papaya has long been known for many healing affects on the hair skin and body!

Vitamin E – The Protector:

As a powerful natural antioxidant, Vitamin E protects the DNA and other cell structures from free radical attack and provides moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-inflammatory benefits. It protects hair from damage caused by UV-induced free radicals and aids in color protection and the prevention of split ends and brittle hair.

Vitamin C – The Corrector:

One of the most effective antioxidants, Vitamin C is an essential component of many biochemical processes in the human organism. Its participation in the elastin and collagen syntheses, makes it an essential component for normal skin and hair functioning.

Vitamin B3 – The Energizer:

A necessary component for the cell metabolism, Niacinamide participates in the synthesis of hormones and proteins. It stimulates blood circulation in the skin and activates the oxygen transport to hair follicles. This stimulates hair growth and provides a moisturizing and emollient effect.

Vitamin B5 – The Moisturizer:

This vitamin is deeply involved in many metabolic processes such as biochemical syntheses and energy transport mechanisms. It maintains the moisture level of the hair, stimulates cell growth and tissue regeneration, stops inflammation and helps to recover tissue damages.

Vitamin B6 – The Activator:

This essential element for normal cell functioning acts especially in the metabolism of amino acids and thereby provides synergies to the activity of B3. Vitamin B6 adds to the stimulation of hair growth and keeps the hair in a healthy state.

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