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5 Steps to the Perfectly Imperfect Pony

Ponytails are an easy and great way to add elegance or cool effortless style to any outfit. And most would agree a ponytail is perfect for second day hair (because let’s be honest, who seriously wants to wash their hair every day?). If you are heading out to a nighttime party, rooftop bar or hitting the pool with friends, ponytails are perfect for the girl on the go and especially when it’s hot outside.

STEP 1:  Spray Mitch Stone Essentials’ Closer to Goddess at the crown of the head.

STEP 2:  Using your fingers, agitate the roots till dry for additional volume.

STEP 3:  Begin to pull your hair up and gather it at the top of the crown of the head.

STEP 4:  Secure with an elastic band. Don’t worry about it being perfect, the messier the better.

STEP 5:  For added light texture and hold, spray Mitch Stone’s Dry Texture Spray & Hair Fragrance all over.

Tip: For additional style, using a 1” curling iron, curl small sections of hair in the ponytail. Curl each piece in opposite directions to create loose subtle curls.

Another easy option would be to create a loose 3 strand braid with a piece of ribbon woven in for added glamour.