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Mitch Stone Essentials is a nutrient-rich, power-packed professional haircare line designed to instantly reinvigorate, nourish and energize the hair.

At the core of all MSE products is our unique proprietary blend of papaya fruit extract and Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, and B6 known as VcompS.

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Vitamin B3 and B6
"The Energizer"

Strengthens hair

Locks in Moisture

Healthy, shiny hair

Vitamin E
"The Protector"

Natural antioxidant

Protects against free radicals


Provides UV protection

Vitamin C
"The Protective Corrector"

Natural antioxidant

Protects against free radicals and outside stressors


Provides UV protection

Vitamin B5
"The Moisturizer"

Long lasting moisturizer


Protects against brittleness and breakage due to loss of moisture


What does VcompS do for you?

Restores the life of your hair

Softens and hydrates

Conditions and nourishes

Creates volume

Adds shine to dull and lifeless hair