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456 Lustre Shampoo


Lustre Shampoo is a vitamin infused, moisture-rich daily shampoo that is safe for all hair types. This shampoo is a super concentrated formula that rehydrates and replenishes dry hair without stripping color. Free of sulfates, salt, paraben and 100% vegan.



  1. Extra gentle cleansing
  2. Quickly rinses clean
  3. Super concentrated pure formula
  4. Infuses moisture, vitality and healthy shine

How to Use

Massage dime size amount into the hair and scalp. Leave on for 30 seconds. Rinse well.

Key Ingredients

  1. VcompS – improves overall health of the hair
  2. Unique polymer blend – enhances lustre, softness, and shine
  3. Aloe Vera – provides natural conditioning to nourish, balance and strengthen hair


Supple fruits and inviting florals mingle with the tempting juiciness of perfectly-ripe papaya. Notes: Papaya, passionfruit, plumeria, pink grapefruit, jasmine

a word from mitch

A Word from Mitch

"I was captivated by the notion of vitamins in hair products after years working on film and television sets, international designer runway shows and with my private clients. My experience in the industry drove home one salient point: that the foundation of beautiful hair is healthy hair, and that styling products that stay on the hair for hours should offer more than cosmetic benefits like temporary shine, volume or control. What if they also provided hydration, nutrition and protection? I wanted to encourage people to care as much about what goes on the hair as they do about what goes onto the skin or into the body. Enter what I call 'vitamin-infused style'. Use it, and let it do its thing, as you do yours."

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