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Lustre Martini Set


Instantly repair and smooth even the most damaged hair with this ultra-hydrating duo better known as Lustre Martini.

Consisting of Lustre Drops™ and Luxury Repair & Style™, these high performing products are your essential must-haves. Mitch developed this unique styling fusion to create long-lasting manageability and smoothness while instantly taming frizz and adding nourishment and shine to all hair types.

Using only the finest quality ingredients, the Lustre Martini will restore your hair back to its optimum condition while infusing vital nutrients essential for a frizz-free style.


Lustre Drops Benefits:

  1. Feather-light, non-greasy formula
  2. Instantly absorbs for superior conditioning
  3. Instantly tames frizz
  4. Provides luminous shine to all hair types

Luxury Repair & Style Benefits:

  1. Provides super conditioning
  2. Fortifies, repairs and restores hair back to its healthiest form
  3. Reduces flyaways and tames frizz
  4. Perfect for daily use

How to Use

Pump one or two drops of each Lustre Drops and Luxury Repair & Style into palm of hand. Emulsify together. Rake through damp hair, concentrating on ends of hair. Style as usual.

Key Ingredients

Lustre Drops:

  1. VcompS – adheres strongly to the cuticle and penetrates deep into the hair shaft improving the resistance of hair to mechanical stress
  2. Argan Oil – nourishes and enriches hair with vital nutrients essential for smoothing, defrizzing and shine
  3. Unique polymer blend – retains moisture by creating a protective barrier around the hair follicle

Luxury Repair & Style:

  1. VcompS – provides nourishment and protects hair all day long
  2. Argan Oil – nourishes and enriches hair with vital nutrients essential for smoothing, defrizzing and shine
  3. Keravis – a multi-weight vegetable-based protein designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits and builds hair strength from within
  4. African Shea Butter – designed to retain moisture, provide supple texture and soften hair


a word from mitch

A Word from Mitch

"I was captivated by the notion of vitamins in hair products after years working on film and television sets, international designer runway shows and with my private clients. My experience in the industry drove home one salient point: that the foundation of beautiful hair is healthy hair, and that styling products that stay on the hair for hours should offer more than cosmetic benefits like temporary shine, volume or control. What if they also provided hydration, nutrition and protection? I wanted to encourage people to care as much about what goes on the hair as they do about what goes onto the skin or into the body. Enter what I call 'vitamin-infused style'. Use it, and let it do its thing, as you do yours."

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